Gadwal Handloom Saree Manufacturing Process

Each and every thread of the gadwal saree is hand woven. All the process involved in weaving a saree is carried out manually, no machine is used in any of the steps. Each weaver works from home with all his/her family helping in different steps of the process. Their life revolves around weaving. It requires approximately 4-8 days (depending on the variety of saree) of continuous efforts from two persons for weaving a saree on a handloom machine.
The core materials used for manufacturing the saree are Silk/Cotton and Jari. We import silk/cotton from Bangalore and gold/silver jari from Surat.
Silk Cotton White Jari Red Jari
The major steps involved in manufacturing a saree are described briefly below.
Step 1: The process starts with dyeing the silk/cotton material. We have specially dedicated experts for this process. In short the coloring process includes dipping the material repeatedly in the boiled color water. We take the utmost care while dyeing the silk/cotton to make sure that the color is uniform throughout the material and it doesn't affect the quality of the material. The coloring process is a very crucial step in getting a good saree. The colors are applied as per the specifications from our designers and also as per the orders from our customers.
Coloring process
Step 2: After coloring the silk is dried in shade. Drying the material in sunny can harm the material.
Drying the material
Step 3: After the silk is dried, it is rolled over small sticks (called kandis locally).
Step 4: The next step involves the actual weaving process of the saree. Please see the handloom machines used for weaving the saree in the below pictures.
Gadwal Sarees are traditionally woven in the interlocked-weft technique (called kupadam or tippadamu locally) and often with kotakomma (also called kumbam) in the borders and they are known as a kotakomma or kumbam saree. The silk border is either tussar or mulberry and the body is often of unbleached cotton, although it may also have colored cotton or silk checks. Pure silk versions of Gadwal sarees are also available.
The design required on the saree is initially drafted on a graph paper and then the required setup to weave that design is implemented on the handloom machine using the sheet. We have experts for implementing these innovative designs on borders, body and pallu. All the required setup is made on the handloom machine by our experts before weaving the saree.
Weavers at work
For more videos of gadwal handloom sarees weaving process please click here.
Gadwal Sarees are known as long lasting traditional wears, ethnic wears and much more for the formal occasions. We add color to your life with these traditional handloom sarees. Have a great time shopping